Re: Semantic Web Statement Contexts (was: Can there be a URI for the concepts "I", "you",...)

> > This probably isn't the best way to design any real system, though.
> Why not? This sounds to me like the context of Instant Messaging IM, or text
> messaging on a cell phone. I can imagine use cases where two cell phones are
> set up to exchange data, one phone to another phone.
> I've added a new StatementContext individual to my ontology: "IMtoSandro".
> This is a very narrow and specific context.
>     @prefix contexts < > .
>     @prefix ex < > .
>     contexts:IMtoSandro
>           a       contexts:StatementContext ;
>           contexts:heardByHearer  contexts:SandroHawke ;
>           contexts:messageRepeatability  "1"^^xsd:int ;
>           contexts:utteredBySpeaker   contexts:JohnBlack .
> But within this context I can efficiently state, say in acknowledgement
> of your previous data sent:
>     contexts:IMtoSandro {
>         _:I     ex:comprehend    _:you .
>     }
> In this context,
> it is understood that the message cannot meaningfully be repeated more than
> once. But other contexts could be defined that are closer to that of web 
> page
> publication.

I'm not saying this wouldn't work -- I haven't tried to think it through
carefully -- but it just seems like an awkward approach, like it's more
complex than necessary.  When you have a technology in search of a
problem to solve, in fairness you should probably compare it to other
approaches to solving that problem.  (I can't really tell what user
problem you might be trying to solve here.)

    -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 25 December 2006 00:19:09 UTC