Re: AW: ANN: RDF Book Mashup - Integrating Web 2.0 data sources like Amazon and Google into the Semantic Web

Systemone have Wikipedia dumped monthly into RDF:

A public SPARQL endpoint is on their roadmap, but it's only 47  
million triples, so you should be able to load it in a few minutes on  
your machine and run queries locally.


On  1 Dec 2006, at 4:30 AM, Chris Bizer wrote:

>> I wish that wikipedia had a fully exportable database
>> For example, being able to export all data of this movie as RDF,
>> maybe a templating issue at least for the box on the right.
> Should be an easy job for a SIMILE like screen scraper.
> If you start scraping down from the Wikipedia film list, you should  
> get a
> fair amount of data.
> To all the Semantic Wiki guys: Has anybody already done something  
> like this?
> Are there SPARQL end-points/repositories for Wikipedia-scraped data?

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