Re: [doap-interest] [ANN] doap:store, a collaborative DOAP projects directory

On  18 Dec 2006, at 7:21 AM, Uldis Bojars wrote:

> I find it peculiar if a valid DOAP profile becomes invalid if parsed
> from RDF/XML and serialised again in RDF/XML (which most probably
> would add the "<rdf:RDF>" part). And is serialising DOAP in N-Triples
> form of RDF an invalid operation (in the sense that it won't be valid
> DOAP) ?

Remember that DOAP is a format with a specific XML format that  
happens to be RDF. Parsing it and reserializing it, even in RDF/XML,  
is quite likely to make the output not conform to the DOAP spec.

The restrictions allow it to be easily handled by XML tools, but they  
also reduce RDF tools to mere consumers (or limit their  
redistribution to other RDF tools).

Serializing in ntriples would yield valid RDF that uses the DOAP  
vocabulary. It would (obviously) not yield a valid DOAP XML document.

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