Auto-generated owl:SameAs links between the RDF Book Mashup and the DBLP database


a central strength of the Semantic Web is that it allows you to set links
between information about the same object within multiple data sources. 

Our RDF book mashup [1] generates RDF descriptions about books and their
authors. A second publicly available bibliographic data source is the DBLP
database containing journal articles and conference papers. The DBLP
database is published as linked data by a D2R Server at

In order to demonstrate links between different data sources, we have added
another feature to the RDF book mashup: The mashup now automatically
generates owl:sameAs links between book authors and paper authors in the
DBLP database. Using Tabulator, these links allow you to navigate from the
description of the author of a book to his papers in the DBLP database. 

The links are generated by asking the SPARQL-endpoint of the DBLP database
for URIs identifying book authors. If the query for a foaf:person with a
specific name returns only one result and as both domains are related, we
assume that it is likely enough that we have hit the right person, to set
the owl:sameAs link.

An example of such an auto-generated owl:sameAs link is found in the data
about Tim Berners-Lee:

   <foaf:name>Tim Berners-Lee</foaf:name>




Chris Bizer
Freie Universitšt Berlin
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Received on Tuesday, 5 December 2006 11:11:35 UTC