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XHTML 2 / XHTML M12N 2 Publication Strategy Shane McCarron (Friday, 23 January)

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proposal: reintroduce @for into the Core attribute collection Gregory J. Rosmaita (Wednesday, 21 January)

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Apologies for today's telecons Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 21 January)

CURIE Syntax now a Candidate Recommendation Roland Merrick (Wednesday, 21 January)

regrets Alessio Cartocci (Wednesday, 21 January)

Can we have @lang back in XHTML Family? Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 21 January)

Which version of XForms in XHTML 2? Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 21 January)

Issue with @charset vs. @encoding in XML Scripting Module Shane McCarron (Tuesday, 20 January)

How to provide an implementation of the CURIE syntax 1.0? Christoph LANGE (Tuesday, 20 January)

Title Element and meta properties Shane McCarron (Monday, 19 January)

[ACTION-14] features document and xhtml versions Shane McCarron (Monday, 19 January)

Minor editorial error in CURIE spec (PR#8057) (Friday, 16 January)

Comments on ED-xhtml-media-types-20090114 Masataka Yakura (Friday, 16 January)

Re: XML Base (Second Edition) PER Roland Merrick (Thursday, 15 January)

XHTML Media Types note updated Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 14 January)

Minutes 2009-01-14 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 14 January)

XHTML2: caption element in object and table modules Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 14 January)

Re: Semantics and the classic argument: elements vs attributes Tina Holmboe (Wednesday, 14 January)

[ACTION-39] new draft is ready for review Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 14 January)

[ACTION-36] Policy is up on main page Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 14 January)

[ACTION-25] Incorporated these modules into the latest editor's draft Shane McCarron (Wednesday, 14 January)

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-14 Roland Merrick (Tuesday, 13 January)

Minutes teleconference 2009-01-07 Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 13 January)

Travelling to USA Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 13 January)

Some editorial changes to XHTML 2 Shane McCarron (Monday, 12 January)

The P content model Tina Holmboe (Saturday, 10 January)

Updated editors draft of XHTML 2 Shane McCarron (Saturday, 10 January)

Document Content Changes: INS and DEL Tina Holmboe (Saturday, 10 January)

Agenda item for 14 January Shane McCarron (Saturday, 10 January)

XHTML 2 and DOCTYPE Shane McCarron (Friday, 9 January)

Process for registering a mediatype for a W3C spec Steven Pemberton (Thursday, 8 January)

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Will not make it 07-01-2009 Tina Holmboe (Wednesday, 7 January)

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-07 Roland Merrick (Wednesday, 7 January)

Ruby schema module Shane McCarron (Tuesday, 6 January)

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