Re: Can we have @lang back in XHTML Family?

Le mercredi 21 janvier 2009 à 15:54 +0000, Roland Merrick a écrit :
> Greetings Dom, as Shane indicated in his first reply we recognise the
> benefit of doing what you suggest and intend to add @lang as part of
> XHTML 1.2. We did consider adding it as part of a PER but felt that it
> would not make it through the process since it would have a
> compatibility issues.

My reading of the process document would classify such a change as
"Corrections that MAY affect conformance, but add no new features"
in which case, this matches exactly the PER process.

>  Our judgement may have been over cautious and we would be prepared to
> work with you and the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group to
> investigate whether we could succeed if we went the route of a PER. 
> Can you determine whether the MWBP would be prepared to work with us
> to try the PER route and get back to us if support, and possibly
> assistance, would be forthcoming. 

I'll bring that to the MWBP (whose next meeting is on Tuesday); I'm
fairly confident there will be support for it; if you have further
indication in terms of the assistance you might need, I'm more likely to
get an answer from the group on that as well.

Thanks a lot for considering my request!


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