Some editorial changes to XHTML 2

I plan on making the following editorial changes unless I hear some 
objection by close of business us central time on Wednesday, 14 January:

   1. Adopt the '@attrName' convention throughout the spec.  This seems
      prevalent in W3C specs now.
   2. Add some text in the introduction about how XHTML 2 dovetails with
   3. Change to use XML Events 2 (we already agreed this ages ago, and
      we are using it, but the references are wrong in some places).
   4. Bring in text from RDFa about use of DOCTYPE when validation is
      desired (note - we need a story about entities).
   5. Adopt a convention that Content Sets are always named with a
      leading uppercase character (we already do this, but we do not
      explicitly say so in Chapter 5).
   6. Ensure that our datatypes are based upon XML Schema datatypes, and
      defer to that spec for definitions when appropriate.
   7. Add an "implementation" for our datatypes that links to relaxng,
      xsd, and dtd.
   8. Introduce an "avalue" element into the xhtmldoc DTD - this will be
      used to annotate attribute values throughout the spec.  It will be
      mapped to a span with some appropriate css class. (question -
      should we define a collection of role values that we use for these
   9. Remove the redundant definition of xml:id - just have it refer to
      the xml:id spec and back to our definition of @id for details.

I am also finishing work on XSD and DTD definitions for everything - I 
know that we don't want a normative DTD, but I am doing it anyway 'cause 
it is easy and 'cause I want it.

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