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[ACTION-14] features document and xhtml versions

[ACTION-25] Incorporated these modules into the latest editor's draft

[ACTION-26] Using media type for content negotiation

[ACTION-36] Policy is up on main page

[ACTION-39] new draft is ready for review

[XHTML Media Types - Second Edition] Japanese translation now available

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-07

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-14

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-21

[XHTML] Agenda 2009-01-28

Addition to CSS

Agenda item for 14 January

Apologies for today's telecons

ARIA and XHTML 1.0

Can we have @lang back in XHTML Family?

Comments on ED-xhtml-media-types-20090114

CURIE Syntax now a Candidate Recommendation

Document Content Changes: INS and DEL

How to provide an implementation of the CURIE syntax 1.0?

img element height and width

Issue with @charset vs. @encoding in XML Scripting Module

Meta element and its attributes

Minor editorial error in CURIE spec (PR#8057)

Minutes 2009-01-14

Minutes 2009-01-21

Minutes teleconference 2009-01-07

Misleading title for XHTML 1.x mime type document - take three

probable regrets for 2009-01-27 teleconferences

Process for registering a mediatype for a W3C spec

proposal: reintroduce @for into the Core attribute collection

PROPOSAL: Wording for including @lang in XHTML 1.1 2nd edition and XHTML Basic 1.1 2nd edition

Regret, 18-02-2009


Ruby schema module

Semantics and the classic argument: elements vs attributes

Some editorial changes to XHTML 2

Status XHTML2 WG

Summary of issues

target attribute

The P content model

Title Element and meta properties

Travelling to USA

Updated editor's draft of XHTML 2

Updated editors draft of XHTML 2

Which version of XForms in XHTML 2?

Will not make it 07-01-2009

XHTML 2 / XHTML M12N 2 Publication Strategy


XHTML Media Types note updated

XHTML+RDFa and @lang

XHTML2: caption element in object and table modules

XML Base (Second Edition) PER

XML Version and our recommendations

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