Can we have @lang back in XHTML Family?


The to-be-published version of the XHTML Media Types note allows for any
XHTML Family document to be served as text/html:

But as was discussed in this very list [1], this is problematic since
the lang attribute (the only one interpreted as a language annotation on
documents served as text/html) is not allowed by the XHTML DTDs (but the
XHTML 1.0 one).

Could the lang attribute be added to the relevant DTDs so as to enable
properly lang-marked up XHTML documents to be served as text/html?

FWIW, I'm fairly confident I could get formal support from the Mobile
Web Best Practices Working Group on this proposal if this is of any
help, since this impacts negatively on the deployment of their mobileOK




Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 08:24:37 UTC