Re: target attribute

Greetings, by all means create a separate module. Whether that module is 
included in XHTML 2 is an orthogonal issue.

Regards, Roland

Tina Holmboe <>
Shane McCarron <>
24/01/2009 19:16
Re: target attribute

On 24 Jan, Shane McCarron wrote:

> At the risk of starting a long debate...  @target is defined in the 
> hypertext attributes module.  I believe this should be moved into a 
> target attribute module so that it can be more easily omitted from 
> languages that do not want to support it.

  Well ... I DON'T think it should be in, but I'm on record as having
  that opinion. If it IS in, then better so in a module so as, like
  Shane point out, it can be omitted if desired.

  +1 in other words.
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