Re: XHTML+RDFa and @lang

IMHO, xml:lang in RDFa can be quite dangerous. People sometimes put
this attribute in html element automatically, resulting in unintended
language tags such as:

<> dc:date "2009-01-30"@ja .
<#me> foaf:knows [ foaf:nick "danbri"@ja ] .

Of course, we can add datatype attribute to date string, and another
xml:lang="en" to nickname phrase, but I'm afraid it requires too much
effort for ordinary authors.

I'd rather recommend to use only lang attribute (no xml:lang) in *html
element*, unless the author clearly understand what kind of literal
values will be generated.

@prefix : <> . <> :from [:name
"KANZAKI Masahide"; :nick "masaka"; :email ""].

Received on Friday, 30 January 2009 02:41:50 UTC