Re: ARIA and XHTML 1.0

Greetings Shane, as a pragmatic move it sounds fine. How will an author 
indicate that this is what is wanted, another DOCTYPE?

Is there a need for ARIA and XHTML 1.0 and RDFa?

This is an example of general problem that we need tackle.

Regards, Roland

Shane McCarron <>
List WAI PF <>
26/01/2009 20:07
ARIA and XHTML 1.0

(Note: CCing the PFWG)

Someone has suggested on the validator list that there be a version of 
the XHTML 1.0 DTDs that includes the ARIA attributes.  They also 
mentioned the HTML 4.01 DTDs.  I was going to just create such a thing, 
but perhaps we should have a strategy for this?

Let's do it this way, since there is no room on our plate for more 
discussions right now.  If no one objects by C.O.B. US Eastern Time on 
Friday, 30 January I will assume this is a fine thing and just slap it 
together using the ARIA DTD module implementation we already have.  Once 
done, I will place it in MarkUp/DTD and tell the validator people it is 
there.  No formal status or anything - just something people who care 
can use to create valid, accessible markup.
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