Comments on ED-xhtml-media-types-20090114

Hi guys.

Well, I know it's really late to comment on it, sorry. But there are
some issues in the current ED of xhtml-media-types

> 1. Introduction
The name "Modularization of XHTML" now should be "XHTML Modularization" .

> A.6. Deleted

I don't see any statements saying that the guidelines were originally
in the xhtml1 spec and brought in this document (and then revised).
Without such indication, having such empty section titled "deleted"
just doesn't make any sense. We need some backgroud information of the
guidelines and their changes.

For this section, having a rationale for the deletion would be better, perhaps?

> A.7. The lang and xml:lang Attributes
> CSS has a "lang" pseudo selector that automatically uses the appropriate attribute depending on the media type.

":lang()" is a *pseudo-class* selector, not a *pseudo selector*.

> A.11. Document Object Model and XHTML

The link referencing DOM1 does not appear in Appendix C.
I even wonder why it points to DOM1. There's a section called "XHTML
and the HTML DOM" [1] in DOM 2 HTML. I think that one is better suited
to cite.

> A.12. Using Ampersands

Wouldn't it be better in addition to say that not escaping ampersands
would cause the document ill-formed?

> Appendix C. References

I see a lot of references pointing nowhere (ascii, html40, http, mime,
rfc2119, etc.) so they need to be taken out.
And references should be updated (though I'm sure that I don't have to
say this :p ).

> Appendix D. Changes from Previous Version

If having a summary of changes since previous edition here, that would
be very nice.


Masataka Yakura

Received on Friday, 16 January 2009 08:15:06 UTC