Re: XHTML+RDFa and @lang

Tina Holmboe wrote:
> On 29 Jan, Dan Brickley wrote:
>> Couple of questions -
>> 1. What to say about cases where @lang and @xml:lang have different content?
>   That would be unfortunate. One would hope authors avoided doing
>   something like it.
>   As for how to handle it ... would it not be logical to say that an
>   HTML UA should take the @lang value as authoritative, and an XHTML UA
>   should do the same with @xml:lang?

It would... except that we have no standing to say anything about how an 
HTML UA behaves.  Of course that is how it would behave in the real 
world.  The guidance to content authors is to ensure that these 
attributes are always both declared and both have the same value if the 
document is to be delivered to HTML and XHTML user agents.

I would probably be comfortable adding "When both attributes are present 
on an element, authors SHOULD ensure they have the same value."  Would 
that help?

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