Re: The P content model

On 12 Jan, Mark Birbeck wrote:

>>  we created structures that were very theoretical, and not at all how
>>  regular people think of things.
>>  Alas.
> I have no idea what you mean by 'theoretical' in this context.

  Theoretical, in this context: part of a specialized field of study
  which most authors will never have read, or understood.

> I think most people would be surprised when you tell them that they
> can't use quotes in their paragraphs.

  Good thing I'm not, then :) Most people ARE surprised when I offer
  them to put tables in their paragraphs, however.

> So I think most people would be quite at home with the common-sense
> view of what can go into a paragraph.

  And I'd agree - but common sense dictate a Q, not a "block of
  paragraphs" - ie a blockquote.

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