Re: Comments on ED-xhtml-media-types-20090114

Thanks for your detailed comments.  My responses are embedded below.

Masataka Yakura wrote:
> Hi guys.
> Well, I know it's really late to comment on it, sorry. But there are
> some issues in the current ED of xhtml-media-types
>> 1. Introduction
> The name "Modularization of XHTML" now should be "XHTML Modularization" .


>> A.6. Deleted
> I don't see any statements saying that the guidelines were originally
> in the xhtml1 spec and brought in this document (and then revised).
> Without such indication, having such empty section titled "deleted"
> just doesn't make any sense. We need some backgroud information of the
> guidelines and their changes.

I added a paragraph about the move.

> For this section, having a rationale for the deletion would be better, perhaps?

We are trying to avoid confusion by even mentioning what it used to say. 
  I have added some text saying that it was deleted because it was obsolete.

>> A.7. The lang and xml:lang Attributes
>> CSS has a "lang" pseudo selector that automatically uses the appropriate attribute depending on the media type.
> ":lang()" is a *pseudo-class* selector, not a *pseudo selector*.

>> A.11. Document Object Model and XHTML
> The link referencing DOM1 does not appear in Appendix C.
> I even wonder why it points to DOM1. There's a section called "XHTML
> and the HTML DOM" [1] in DOM 2 HTML. I think that one is better suited
> to cite.

We don't actually use DOM level 2 in XHTML 1.x at this time.  However, 
there is good text in there so I have referenced that as well.


>> A.12. Using Ampersands
> Wouldn't it be better in addition to say that not escaping ampersands
> would cause the document ill-formed?

I added a note to that effect.

>> Appendix C. References
> I see a lot of references pointing nowhere (ascii, html40, http, mime,
> rfc2119, etc.) so they need to be taken out.
> And references should be updated (though I'm sure that I don't have to
> say this :p ).

Yeah - I am going through all of these now.  Thanks for the reminder.

>> Appendix D. Changes from Previous Version
> If having a summary of changes since previous edition here, that would
> be very nice.


I will publish a new updated version shortly.  Thanks again!

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