Issue with @charset vs. @encoding in XML Scripting Module

XML Events 2 defines the XML Scripting Module [1] - this module defines 
the script element and its required attributes.  While working with this 
module and its Schema and RelaxNG implementations, Markus and I ran into 
a quandary that I do not know how to address.

XML Events 2 has two different audiences.  There is the "today" audience 
that might need the XML Scripting Module, and the "tomorrow" audience 
that will use all the modules in languages like XHTML 2 and XForms 1.2.

Right now, the script element uses the @charset attribute as defined in 
XHTML Modularization 1.1 [2].  And that's fine.  It makes sense in a 
pre-XHTML 2 world.  However, if we are going to include XML Scripting in 
XHTML 2, we really don't want @charset.  @charset has been superseded by 

Anyway - in implementing the script element for XHTML 2 I decided that 
we really meant @encoding.  This is in conflict with the draft XML 
Events 2 spec though.

Question: Do we change XML Events 2 to use @encoding as defined in XHTML 
2, change XHTML 2 to use @charset for this one element, or develop a new 
version of the XML Scripting module in XHTML 2 that overrides the one in 
XML Events 2?

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Received on Tuesday, 20 January 2009 19:54:51 UTC