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05/03/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

05/10/17 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

05/17/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

05/24/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda

05/31/2017 W3C Web Authentication WG Meeting Agenda


[w3c/webauthn] 02a726: repair fig 3 - fix #401 (#426)

[w3c/webauthn] 0524d3: Built by Travis-CI: a2a4210cff823d489bc01248dd52d6...

[w3c/webauthn] 063718: |foo|['{{bar}}'] style to <code>|options|.{{bar}}<...

[w3c/webauthn] 0c9184: Built by Travis-CI: 46b3933dd955642d8f60bc84c2f04e...

[w3c/webauthn] 15ff38: fix minor mispelling

[w3c/webauthn] 1c6abe: fix various items per jyasskin - thxcls

[w3c/webauthn] 2680b0: added eval of aaguidList to steps for create

[w3c/webauthn] 2bf488: make sure credential type is known at time of deci...

[w3c/webauthn] 2d5252: added description of param mapping

[w3c/webauthn] 2d6650: Built by Travis-CI: 62be04885b7c20922b1b79240a1b78...

[w3c/webauthn] 31fe16: Built by Travis-CI: 0f8aa1df40345af732e351b041f78f...

[w3c/webauthn] 323f52: added (only) keyProtection to AuthenticatorSelecti...

[w3c/webauthn] 32c6d2: Built by Travis-CI: ebc034cfde228891eaab335c6d27e5...

[w3c/webauthn] 371c87: fix conflicts fer real this time (i hope)

[w3c/webauthn] 3a333d: Built by Travis-CI: 02a726b763558fbd2fa776509596fa...

[w3c/webauthn] 3abeae: 'scoped cred' -> 'public key cred', autolink 'orig...

[w3c/webauthn] 3edde5: added keyProtection to AuthenticatorSelectionCrite...

[w3c/webauthn] 41c22c: Add authenticator selection dictionary

[w3c/webauthn] 44e603: add back backslash on [[DiscoverFromExternal...

[w3c/webauthn] 46b393: reconciling origin and RP ID handling (#464)

[w3c/webauthn] 47f4af: Create .pr-preview.json

[w3c/webauthn] 498ed0: refine regex, fix more RP markup

[w3c/webauthn] 4c1493: fix RP ID dfn, fix descriptions of RP ID's value, ...

[w3c/webauthn] 4e2c4d: move AAGUID for selecting authenticator into new A...

[w3c/webauthn] 53091b: make it a list

[w3c/webauthn] 538462: Try to create the publication draft

[w3c/webauthn] 53ab19: update to Process 2017

[w3c/webauthn] 5a8970: addressing jyasskin's feedback -- thanks!

[w3c/webauthn] 6650be: Removed QuotaExceededError

[w3c/webauthn] 6671ee: delete a blank...

[w3c/webauthn] 680281: Built by Travis-CI: b49c7897ec9e8649179fa7ac4da693...

[w3c/webauthn] 6cad6e: Added new WD05 link

[w3c/webauthn] 6f2f11: Renamed timeoutSeconds to timeoutMilliseconds as s...

[w3c/webauthn] 72ba7b: Typo fixes

[w3c/webauthn] 74154b: Built by Travis-CI: d7b1eceadca35c578d4d0230bbbbf3...

[w3c/webauthn] 75b7c5: introductory para added

[w3c/webauthn] 7950b0: removed defs for aaguidList and matcherProtection

[w3c/webauthn] 7c171c: fixed 1 warning and 2 linking errors

[w3c/webauthn] 7fe97d: more detailed definition of TEE and SE added

[w3c/webauthn] 866e88: fixup publickey -> public-key|publicKey per jyassk...

[w3c/webauthn] 87f5b0: redraw fig 3 attestation object, fixes #434

[w3c/webauthn] 8a6e34: replaced tab by spaces in order to meet markdown r...

[w3c/webauthn] 926ae3: removed defs for matcherProtection and keyProtecti...

[w3c/webauthn] 939374: Built by Travis-CI: fb7d3209cb4ed1179ad9f4e71528e0...

[w3c/webauthn] 93d475: Built by Travis-CI: dda3e24fd62da4a35d8fc7711aa1b8...

[w3c/webauthn] 973a19: spell-out enums values. Give better eplxanation o...

[w3c/webauthn] 994a5e: polish RP ID dfn

[w3c/webauthn] 9efcd0: Process 2017

[w3c/webauthn] a2a421: redraw fig 3, polish attestation & assertion signa...

[w3c/webauthn] a3521f: added eval of matcherProtection to steps for creat...

[w3c/webauthn] a3c642: spell-out enums values. Give better eplxanation o...

[w3c/webauthn] a664c9: Remove UV bit

[w3c/webauthn] a7793a: added (only) aaguidList to AuthenticatorSelectionC...

[w3c/webauthn] a7c282: Built by Travis-CI: c49700b2855d941381ee7e64abf23e...

[w3c/webauthn] a8803d: Fix typo.

[w3c/webauthn] abe26c: fix #467

[w3c/webauthn] b49c78: add a publish dir

[w3c/webauthn] be8ef9: Built by Travis-CI: 177f1ec47e60e994026da9f1f1f65a...

[w3c/webauthn] c1047e: use dl class='switch' for the steps related to the...

[w3c/webauthn] c7eee4: use dl class='switch' for the steps related to the...

[w3c/webauthn] c8464c: Built by Travis-CI: b7aac16ccaae5f666297cfbd78c919...

[w3c/webauthn] cb4179: make it a list

[w3c/webauthn] d73f0b: added matcherProtection to AuthenticatorSelectionC...

[w3c/webauthn] d7b1ec: public key cred - fixes #406 (#432)

[w3c/webauthn] dbc9e4: removed defs for aaguidList and keyProtection

[w3c/webauthn] dc26f4: more cross-refs for TEE and SE added

[w3c/webauthn] e52b28: added (only) matcherProtection to AuthenticatorSel...

[w3c/webauthn] e53d51: added eval of keyProtection to steps for create

[w3c/webauthn] ebab45: Built by Travis-CI: aa86843c15309819d7a881fa5e636f...

[w3c/webauthn] eef076: replaced tab by spaces in order to meet markdown r...

[w3c/webauthn] f1c185: s/daaKey/ecdaaKeyId/ in fig 3

[w3c/webauthn] f27b7e: fixup my errors (thx jcjones), cleanup, fix #323

[w3c/webauthn] f4efc7: more detailed definition of TEE and SE added

[w3c/webauthn] f56591: Adds requireUserVerification option in Authenticat...

[w3c/webauthn] f5a384: use spaces to indent second enum value

[webauthn] "authentication" attribute on Navigator should be [SecureContext]

[webauthn] "credential ID" not signed over by authenticatorGetAssertion operation

[webauthn] "NotAllowedError" is in WebIDL editors draft but not in WebIDL Level 1

[webauthn] "ScopedCred" enum should be "scoped-cred"

[webauthn] "WebAuthn Authenticator model" seemingly prohibits random AAGUIDs (minor)

[webauthn] 3rd approach: Add authenticator selection dictionary to create with attachment

[webauthn] [[Create]](options) method does not need to call authenticatorMakeCredential() with separate |rpId|

[webauthn] `AuthenticationExtensions` typedef name is confusing; also there are issues with its description

[webauthn] Add "willMakeCredentialWorkWithTheseConstraints()" method to the API

[webauthn] Add acceptable trust anchors to AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] Add biometric accuracy to AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] Add credential type uaf

[webauthn] Add getAuthenticatorInfo to the Authenticator Model section

[webauthn] Add Rate Limiting flag to auth selection criteria

[webauthn] Add Rate Limiting flag to authenticator selection criteria

[webauthn] Add required key protection to AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] Add required matcher protection to AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] add support for UAF signature and assertion formats

[webauthn] Adds requireUserVerification option in AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] An issue about setAttestationChallenge() in "android-key" attestation statement

[webauthn] Android SafetyNet Attestation lacks information on authenticator provenance

[webauthn] AssertionOptions and ScopedCredentialOptions could both inherit from a dictionary which has their shared members

[webauthn] authenticatorCancel seems like it can cancel too much

[webauthn] authenticatorMakeCredential() description of input PublicKeyCredential objects is incorrect

[webauthn] authenticatorMakeCredential() description of input PublicKeyCredentialType and cryptographic parameters is imprecise

[webauthn] Authnr sel aaguidlist

[webauthn] Authnr sel keyprotection

[webauthn] Authnr sel matcherprotection

[webauthn] clarify normality of authenticator model - is it actually authenticator API ?

[webauthn] Consider allowing authenticators to randomise signed hashes.

[webauthn] Consider requiring canonical CBOR throughout

[webauthn] Create .pr-preview.json -- set up 'pr-preview'

[webauthn] credential ID returned by authenticatorGetAssertion() is optional if allowList has exactly one member

[webauthn] credentialList needs to be non-empty in order to call authenticatorGetAssertion

[webauthn] Define what happens when the Document loses focus

[webauthn] denote current Web Authentication spec as "Level 1"

[webauthn] detail-level issues in signature format, attestation format(s), attestation statement

[webauthn] ECDAA verification algorithm in TPM Attestation Statement Format

[webauthn] Eliminate duplicate terminology

[webauthn] Enable web developers to migrate keys from one domain to another

[webauthn] Fix all linking errors and address isue 439

[webauthn] Fix typo.

[webauthn] hashAlg -> hashAlgorithm?

[webauthn] hostname canonicalization in {#makeCredential} section?

[webauthn] linking errors in master as of commit b7aac16

[webauthn] Make AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria more complete.

[webauthn] MakeCredentialOptions.parameters needs more precise name

[webauthn] move AAGUID for selecting authnr into new AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] Move aaguidList from extensions to AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] new commits pushed by AngeloKai

[webauthn] new commits pushed by equalsJeffH

[webauthn] new commits pushed by jcjones

[webauthn] new commits pushed by leshi

[webauthn] new commits pushed by rlin1

[webauthn] new commits pushed by WebAuthnBot

[webauthn] new commits pushed by wseltzer

[webauthn] Privacy section may wish to discuss recommended user-agent responses to leaks

[webauthn] Protect against TLS MiTM by including TLS cert chain in signature

[webauthn] public key cred - fixes #406

[webauthn] reconciling origin and RP ID handling

[webauthn] Refine meaning of PublicKeyCredentialType to be "signature & assertion format (and version thereof)"

[webauthn] remove "required" on

[webauthn] Remove QuotaExceededError from spec

[webauthn] Remove UV bit from authenticatorData

[webauthn] rename "attestation data" to be "attested credential"

[webauthn] Rename ScopedCredential to PublicKeyCredential

[webauthn] Replace Authenticator Model with CTAP

[webauthn] requireUserVerification option in AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria

[webauthn] restrict webauthn support to "valid domains"

[webauthn] rpID seems to have changed meaning a bit

[webauthn] Section 4.1.4 Use Existing Credential "get"

[webauthn] Should the WebAuth API have a cancel() method?

[webauthn] Some editing cleanup following cred man merge

[webauthn] Specify the set of hash algorithms UAs can select between.

[webauthn] Specify what happens when the Client receives invalid CBOR

[webauthn] Too generic names?

[webauthn] Track rename issues to maintain consistency

[webauthn] Typo fixes

[webauthn] U2F Attestation only lists Basic Attestation as supported

[webauthn] undefined terms

[webauthn] WebAuthn available to Workers? aka "silent authentication"

[webauthn] What does "which has no other operations in progress" mean in practice?

Closed: [webauthn] "authentication" attribute on Navigator should be [SecureContext]

Closed: [webauthn] "NotAllowedError" is in WebIDL editors draft but not in WebIDL Level 1

Closed: [webauthn] Add keyStorage enum to ScopedCredentialOptions

Closed: [webauthn] attObj and Figure 3 [[#fig-attStructs]] do not agree

Closed: [webauthn] cleanup: attestation object `attObj` format not clearly delineated

Closed: [webauthn] figure 3 contains "daaKey" - should be "ecdaaKeyId"

Closed: [webauthn] linking errors in master as of commit b7aac16

Closed: [webauthn] Rename ScopedCredential to PublicKeyCredential

Closed: [webauthn] Track rename issues to maintain consistency

Closed: [webauthn] Why is the only value of ScopedCredentialType "ScopedCred" as opposed to "ScopedCredential"?

Closed: [webauthn] Why was PR #409 (UV bit) merged?

Create .pr-preview.json -- set up 'pr-preview'

Diffs re Please review PR #464 - reconciling origin and RP ID handling..

errors due to cross-ref link to CredentialRequestOptions ?

figures missing from WD-05

Fwd: Intent to Implement and Ship: `CredentialsContainer::preventSilentAccess` in Credential Management API

Please review PR #464 - reconciling origin and RP ID handling..

PR #217 factored into 8 PRs, each with defined purpose and scope

PR #407 Add credential type uaf

WD-05 Publish Schedule

WebAuthn WD-05 is published

WebAuthn WD-05 is published (tagged and diffs from WD-04)

webauthn/accountChooser/YOLO at IIW?

which interface object to use?

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