Re: [webauthn] credentialList needs to be non-empty in order to call authenticatorGetAssertion

not a duplicate of issue #387 tho closely related i think.  I will try to address this in PR #427, if I understand this issue correctly. 

A consideration regarding roaming authnrs is that if a roaming authnr is also multi-factor (nee first-factor), then the [credential private key is stored in the authnr's internal storage]( -- i think this is the rationale behind your 3d parag where you say:
> our current approach doesn't allow roaming authenticators (i.e. in which the platform doesn't know which credentials are related to the authenticator) 


where you say:
> **_without_** expecting it to be used as a second-factor (i.e. in a situation in which the RP server could already provide the credentialList).

Should "**_without_**" actually be "**_unless_**" ?

> We could modify step 13.3 in section 4.1.4 to say:

It seems you are referring to the spec revision?  Might be better to refer to [the editor's draft]( [section 4.1.4]( is `{#getAssertion}`. Tho the step you refer to is now step 15.  

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