Re: figures missing from WD-05

Well, it seems that there IS presently an issue with the figures in 
<> -- they are not appearing for me or 
several other folks I've checked with, so something is up...

On 5/12/17 7:30 AM, =JeffH wrote:
> I wish to add (and shudda before I clicked [send]) that this might just 
> be my browsers here on slow net, and.... it IS, yay, so please ignore 
> this and return to your regularly-scheduled activities... apologies for 
> the spurious interruption :)
> On 5/12/17 4:14 PM, =JeffH wrote:
>  > Hm, at least for me, loading Wd-05 <>
>  > does not result in a spec with rendered figures :(
>  >
>  > we should probably fix this, tho I am not sure how/where to start (and
>  > am also on a plane with slow net connection).
>  >
>  > =JeffH

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