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[ALL] Draft minutes telecon 25 July 2005 Christopher Welty (Thursday, 28 July)

New version of MM TF Proposal Giorgos Stamou (Wednesday, 27 July)

XSCD last call comments Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 27 July)

Collecting examples of image annotation on the semantic web Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Wednesday, 27 July)

[APP] Semantic Web Applications and Demos (fwd) Uschold, Michael F (Tuesday, 26 July)

MultiMedia Annotation TF PRoposal Uschold, Michael F (Monday, 25 July)

likely regrets for 25 July SWBPD telecon (Monday, 25 July)

RE: Concept Scheme Versioning [VM] Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Monday, 25 July)

[PORT] RE: SKOS Core second review Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Monday, 25 July)

Re: SKOS Core second review Mark van Assem (Monday, 25 July)

[PORT] review process Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Monday, 25 July)

[ALL] Agenda 25 July telecon Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 22 July)

Semantic Web Applications and Demos (fwd) Libby Miller (Thursday, 21 July)

Multimedia Annotation Task Force Proposal Giorgos Stamou (Wednesday, 20 July)

[HTML] meeting record: 2005-07-19 HTML TF telecon Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 19 July)

[VM] Telecon today Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 19 July)

Final CFP and deadline extension: ISWC05 Workshop on Ontology Patterns for the Semantic Web (OPSW) Aldo Gangemi (Monday, 18 July)

Usage of rdfs:isDefinedBy? Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) (Monday, 18 July)

Re: XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL Dave Reynolds (Monday, 18 July)

[VM] [Fwd: http-range resolution - should we ask to make 303 redirects possible? (DC, RSS1, ...)] Dan Brickley (Friday, 15 July)

F2F in Galway Andreas Harth (Friday, 15 July)

Re: [HTML] Meeting record for review, rdf-in-xhtml tf 2005-06-27 Dan Brickley (Monday, 11 July)

Announcement: Protege-OWL 3.1 released Holger Knublauch (Monday, 11 July)

Using URIs to identify non-information resources Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) (Monday, 11 July)

record of 2006-06-27 meeting done? Ralph R. Swick (Monday, 11 July)

[ALL] Agenda 11 July telecon Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 11 July)

possible new TF: multimedia Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 11 July)

agenda to be posted in a few hours Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 11 July)

Apologies for tomorrows telecon Phil Tetlow (Sunday, 10 July)

Comments on Simple Part-Whole Relations John McClure (Saturday, 9 July)

[Fwd: Re: [DC] Implementing DC in OWL DL] Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 6 July)

[VM] Report on telecon, 2005-07-05 Thomas Baker (Wednesday, 6 July)

comment (non-member) on N-ary relations John Madden (Wednesday, 6 July)

[VM] Configuration management for RDFS/OWL ontologies Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Wednesday, 6 July)

[VM] German/Austrian Semantic Web event in Vienna Thomas Baker (Wednesday, 6 July)

Re: How to state simple facts in RDF Fabien Gandon (Tuesday, 5 July)

[OEP} telecon this week Christopher Welty (Tuesday, 5 July)

[VM] RDF vocabulary configuration management with named graphs Miles, AJ \(Alistair\) (Tuesday, 5 July)

[VM] Telecon today - agenda Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 5 July)

[VM] GET requests on Dublin Core term URIs Thomas Baker (Tuesday, 5 July)

[SE] Today's telecon Jeff Z. Pan (Tuesday, 5 July)

Re: [ALL] Student projects SKOS & SemWeb Dan Brickley (Friday, 1 July)

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