Re: [MM] MultiMedia Annotation TF PRoposal

Uschold, Michael F wrote:

>It seems to me that the TF proposes to:
>*  work from existing best practice for non-semantic annotation to
>*  propose good ideas that may become best practice for using RDF/OWL to
>do annotation of multi-media document?
Mike & others,

I have to disagree here. This is a misunderstanding, and maybe Giorgos, 
Jeff and I have not been sufficiently clear on this. 
So the set the record straight:

One of my long term goals with the task force has always been trying to 
bridge the gap between current practice in multimedia annotation (much 
of which is indeed not based on RDF, with the ISO standard on this 
topic, MPEG-7, as an important example ) and similar work on the 
Semantic Web.  So from the beginning, I've been trying to get MPEG-7 
experts into the working group and stated that we will not ignore other 
non-RDF current practice, such as the use of EXIF in digital photo 
cameras.  So maybe we've overstated this and created the impression that 
there is no work at all on RDF-based, semantic annotation of 
multimedia.  This is not the case, see the list with examples I've 
created this morning at

So there is lots of RDF-based work to draw from (maybe even more than 
for many of the other task forces).  It is just that I think it is, 
especially for this topic, very important to look beyond the boundaries 
of what has been done on the Semantic Web, and _not_ to ignore the 
annotations lessons learned by the rest of the multimedia community. 


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