Re: Collecting examples of image annotation on the semantic web

Hi Jacco,

CONFOTO[1] is an experimental sharing and annotation service for
conference photos. It utilizes common RDF vocabularies (dc, foaf,
rev, cc, ical, w3photo) to combine simple tagging with rich
annotations (e.g. depicted persons, related events, ratings).
RDF data is accessible via SPARQL, URIQA, or a link at the
bottom of each page.



Benjamin Nowack

Kruppstr. 100
45145 Essen, Germany

On 27.07.2005 12:30:23, Jacco van Ossenbruggen wrote:
>I'd like to collect examples of image annotation on the semantic web. To 
>get things started I just did a quick brain dump of examples I could 
>list from the top of my head (so I did not do any actual research into 
>this yet).  The results are and will be updated at
>As you can see on the page, on the top of my to do list are:
>    * Add more example entries
>    * Provide short descriptions for each entry
>    * Provide links to actual examples
>So if you recognize you're own work on this and would like to give me a 
>short (one para) description of your work and a URI to online examples 
>of your work (preferably including the RDF files), please let me know.  
>If you know of any other examples, please let me know too.
>Thanks, Jacco

Received on Wednesday, 27 July 2005 11:26:32 UTC