Re: F2F in Galway

thanks for the information.
On hotels, it is more convenient if more of us are staying at the same 
It would be useful to me if i could get a couple of recommendations 
rather than a lot
and then have us book early to get a group of us at the same hotel.
Also, for those of us who do not have cell phones that work in ireland 
it is more useful
to have convenient internet access in the rooms (wireless or wired that 
is either included in the
room rate or not too unreasonably priced)  so that would be a very 
useful criteria to judge on
as well as location.  Would you be able to provide just a couple (say 2) 


Andreas Harth wrote:

>there is now a draft page [1] about the next F2F meeting in Galway.
>I took Jeremy's page for the Bristol F2F as a starting point.  I'll
>update the page as soon as new and more detailed information becomes
>available.  Please let me know if you need additional information
>concerning travel or accomodation.  I look forward to seeing you all
>in Galway, the lively, charming town on the west coast of Ireland!

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