Re: [MM] Collecting examples of image annotation on the semantic web

I've been looking at GML lately (maps'n'stuff),
while trying to get GPS info into EXIF headers.
There's a join JPEG/GML committee looking into
the inclusion of a profile of GML within JPEG2000 images.

In Ron Lake's words,
GML has recently joined forces with JPEG 2000. The
specification is under development (is now an RFC 

This specification makes JPEG 2000 into a geospatial image
encoding (JPEG 2000 has no way to describe image geometry,
nor “radiometry”. GMLJP2 supports geographic imagery including
both geometry and radiometry description, annotations, and embedded 

More Geo-notes as I make them c/o



Received on Wednesday, 27 July 2005 14:11:35 UTC