possible new TF: multimedia


Enclosed is a draft TF description for consideration by the WG, written 
by Giorgos  Stamou, who expects to join the WG as a member participant 

A task force of this type was high on our priority list at our kickoff 
ftf in Cannes (link RDF/OWL-MPEG), but up till now we lacked the 
resources to start such a group. I think there is an opportunity now and 
I very much welcome a discussion on the goals/focus of such a task force.


Task Force Description

NAME Multimedia Annotation on the Semantic Web (MM)

STATUS: Draft/Considered

Giorgos Stamou, NTUA
Jacco van Ossenbruggen, CWI
Jeff Pan, UoM

to be included


(1) short-term objectives:

- Investigate potential approaches for multimedia annotation
strategies that combine and/or integrate the SemWeb languages
approach (RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Rule Languages, �) with the
DDL/XMLSchema-based approach of MPEG-7 in an interoperable way.
- Collect currently used vocabularies for multimedia annotations
(like Dublin Core, VRA, �)
- Use Cases providing examples of multimedia annotations using the
above vocabularies
- Investigate existing tools and other formats (ID3, EXIF, XMP,
- Alignment with other Task Forces of the BPWG

(2) longer-term objectives:

Develop best practice guidelines for

- Multimedia annotators that want to export their annotations on
the Semantic Web and/or import SemWeb data into their multimedia
annotation tools.
- Provide readily applicable mapping tools (using XSLT, SPARQL,
transformation rules, mappings etc)


(1) Short term objectives:

- Compare issues discussed and approaches suggested in literature,
including those in the bibliography. Collect existing approaches
for MPEG-7 and Semantic Web interoperability.
- Investigate current European projects (aceMedia, Muscle, �), US
and Australian projects, ontology libraries, demos etc, for
vocabularies of multimedia annotations, use cases, existing tools
- Define the appropriate use cases, including (but not limited to)
the areas of e-culture, medicine, personal and professional
audiovisual archiving and management.


In scope: make the SemWeb, ISO and other multimedia technologies
Out of scope: development of new standards.


Description of expected results:
- Multimedia ontology collection
- Feasibility report (including patent and copyright issues) on the
interoperability between SW and MM annotation standards.
- Review of existing tools
- Use cases

- None yet

- Professionals (museums, libraries, audiovisual archives, media
production and broadcast industry, image and video banks) and
non-professional (end-users) multimedia annotators.
- Institutions and organizations with research and standardization
activities in the area of multimedia.

- Other TFs: The approaches/guidelines of this TF need to be aligned
with the WordNet, Applications and Demos TFs.
- Other W3C groups: activities on accessibility.


Stamou, G., and S. Kollias eds, �Multimedia Content and the Semantic
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