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[Minutes-BP] 2016-06-01

[Minutes-COV] 2016-06-01

[Minutes-SSN] 2016-05-31

[Minutes-SSN] 2016-06-14

[Minutes] 2016-06-08

[Minutes] 2016-06-22

[sdw] OWL-TIME to be discussed in SSN meeting this week

[SDWWG] SDW Plenary next meeting

Agenda for Best Practice sub-group, 14:00UTC 1-June-2016

apologies for BP subgroup today

Best Practice sub-group teleconference (15-June)

Best Practices Narrative (version 2)

BP narrative comments

BP telecon?

Coverage subgroup call, 15 June, 1300 UTC

Decision needed for issue-38: about different models of spatial things.

Deferred requirements in the UCR document

Deferred requirements in the UCR document and issue-13

Detailed comments on SANDA

ISSUE-66: Should we define a vocabulary for describing temporal reference systems - Spatial Data on the Web Working Group Tracker

Licences, Ts&Cs, Permissions and Obligations

Merge requirements for non-geographic reference systems?

Open UCR issues for the coverage subgroup

Open UCR issues for the coverage subgroup ISSUE-18, ISSUE-19, ISSUE-32

OWL Time for FPWD

OWL-Time FPWD discussion

OWL-time suggestions

Proposal for SSN core

Provisional Transition Request: FPWD for OWL Time Ontology

Regrets for Coverage sub-group 15-June

Regrets x 3

SDW BP narrative location (and ISSUE 38)

SDW plenary meeting tomorrow

SDW Plenary next meeting


SDW WG WS @ INSPIRE 2016 (was: Re: SDW plenary meeting tomorrow)

SDW: apologies for both subgroups today

SDW: SSN meeting this week

shall we cancel this week's coverage call?

ssn: lost something?

The spatial ontology on WebProtégé

Time to prepare to vote on Time

Todays call - if you are at the OGC TC

Units of Measure (BP, Coverages, SSN,Time?)

Wanted: feedback on UCR requirements

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