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Revised draft of ontology doc 이원석 (Friday, 29 May)

Asking Elaborate work for clause 4.1.1 in ontology doc 이원석 (Wednesday, 27 May)

attribute descirptions Joakim Söderberg (Tuesday, 26 May)

Terminology proposal Pierre-Antoine Champin (Tuesday, 26 May)

Meeting minutes (Telecon - 26.05.2009) Tobias Bürger (Tuesday, 26 May)

Re: RE : [AGENDA] Media Annotation WG teleconf - 2009-05-26 Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 26 May)

Revised draft of initial ontology doc 이원석 (Tuesday, 26 May)

[AGENDA] Media Annotation WG teleconf - 2009-05-26 Joakim Söderberg (Sunday, 24 May)

Re: Call for comments on MAWG Terminology Pierre-Antoine Champin (Friday, 22 May)

Linked data about a video about linked data Pierre-Antoine Champin (Thursday, 21 May)

Review of ontology draft Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 20 May)

Concerning to the available paths for mapping target element in TV-Anytime 이원석 (Wednesday, 20 May)

MPEG-7 XML Schema Set 이원석 (Wednesday, 20 May)

Meeting minutes (Telecon - 19.05.2009) Pierre-Antoine Champin (Tuesday, 19 May)

missing attributes Joakim Söderberg (Tuesday, 19 May)

RE: Hotel in Stockholm Joakim Söderberg (Tuesday, 19 May)

New version of Ontology for Media Entity 1.0 이원석 (Tuesday, 19 May)

mapping table 2.3 Joakim Söderberg (Monday, 18 May)

[AGENDA] Media Annotation WG - 2009-05-19 Soohong Daniel Park (Monday, 18 May)

Regrets for tomorrow`s Telecon (19.05.09) Florian Stegmaier (Monday, 18 May)

SAMT 2009 Call for Contributions - Paper Deadline EXTENDED Bailer, Werner (Wednesday, 13 May)

Candidate Additional Elements (ACTION-114) Bailer, Werner (Tuesday, 12 May)

Reminder of new Actions Florian Stegmaier (Tuesday, 12 May)

Format mapping update Joakim Söderberg (Tuesday, 12 May)

Meeting minutes (Telecon - 12.05.2009) Florian Stegmaier (Tuesday, 12 May)

Ontology for Media Entity 1.0 이원석 (Tuesday, 12 May)

[AGENDA] Media Annotation WG teleconf - 2009-05-12 Joakim Söderberg (Monday, 11 May)

Mapping Table Review Joakim Söderberg (Wednesday, 6 May)

Regarding EXIF Mapping 이원석 (Wednesday, 6 May)

Spec version of ID3 이원석 (Wednesday, 6 May)

FW: ISSUE 67: edit units spec erik mannens (Wednesday, 6 May)

RE: mapping table Joakim Söderberg (Tuesday, 5 May)

Today's call 이원석 (Tuesday, 5 May)

Updated mapping table for MediaRSS, TXFeed and Youtube metadata 이원석 (Tuesday, 5 May)

F2F 4 Joakim Söderberg (Monday, 4 May)

Regrets for tomorrow Chris Poppe (Monday, 4 May)

regrets for tomorrow Veronique Malaise (Monday, 4 May)

Mapping table: VRA update (Sunday, 3 May)

RE: F2F 3 and call for comments David Singer (Saturday, 2 May)

Re: video annotation David Singer (Friday, 1 May)

Properties for media fragment? Felix Sasaki (Friday, 1 May)

Re: F2F 3 and call for comments Tobias Bürger (Friday, 1 May)

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