Re: AW: Regrets for tomorrow`s Telecon (19.05.09)

On May 19, 2009, at 10:48 AM, Bailer, Werner wrote:

> Dear Véronique and Florian,
> thanks for the update of the terminology section. I'm a bit confused  
> that you use "media entity": I understood in the last telecon that  
> we would not use entity?
To be honest, I probably got confused... I thought that this was the  
term chosen, after "object", because we thought that any term would be  
confusing anyway, and the only confusing possibility about entity is  
the XML entity definition, which, IMO is quite far from our meaning  
for it not to be confusing.
> Also, the paragraph mentions the consistency in terminology with the  
> fragments group, but afaik they use "media resource".
well, media entity is supposed to be a term that _gathers_ their  
notion of media resource and media representation. We are consistent  
with their naming of these two alternatives.

> Best regards,
> Werner
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>> Dear all,
>> You will find in attachment the html file of the Media Ontology
>> document, please consider only the section "2.1 Terminology", that
>> Florian and I have revised. We would be interested in your feedback
>> about this section! I hope that we made the different notions a bit
>> clearer :)
>> The rest of the document is currently under revision by Wonsuk, to
>> whom we will send the section "2.1 Terminology" if the group agrees
>> with this version.
>> Best regards,
>> Véronique

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