Re: video annotation

Dear Joakim, Jean-Pierre,

> I was concerned about how to refer to a temporal decomposition without 
> knowing FPS, ďFile LengthĒ and other details.
> Is there a standard agreement of what 20s-50s refers to? Perhaps the 
> ďbeginningĒ is not the same for all ďexpressionsĒ of a work?

I'm not sure what your question is, but if it is: "what's the part to be 
retrieved when one uses the media fragment URI,50?", then yes, it means to send the 
bits that makes a playable video corresponding to the representation 
that the server is configurated to serve when one requests 'myVideo' 
from the second 20 till the second 50.

Evain, Jean-Pierre a ťcrit :
 > This refers to the proposal I made to media Fragment during the last F2F
 > to use edit units.

I guess this is related to the ACTION-67 given to Erik: "Sync with Jean 
Pierre to get the edit units spec reference". See:
Best regards.


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