AW: Properties for media fragment?

I agree that in most cases a time interval would last longer than one frame, but there could be cases when time points are useful.

Concerning the copyright example: I think there are cases (e.g. news content created from different sources) where the copyright might be different for different segments. Even in the book example, the book might be a collection of articles for which the rights situation is different.

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> I'm not sure that I agree with the idea of having a value for property X
> *at each instant*...

Hum, is it a question of time vs interval? If yes, then I agree, the
notion of point is probably an overkill, but you might have intervals
that are extremely short in duration ...
In the media fragments WG, we cannot address a single time point, but it
will always be an interval, of potentially of one frame duration.

> Back to your copyright example: for me, the copyright is on a whole
> media entity, spanning from T to T', even if embeded in a bigger one. It
> does not feel right to state that at time T", the copyright is C, just
> like it would not feel right to state that the copyright of a book (or
> its author, or its title) is the copyright (author, title, resp.) for
> each and every word of the book.

The analogy of words in a book vs a time point of a temporal resource is
tricky! I'm not sure the words are the right unit to consider in a book,
  and I'm pretty sure you don't want to discrete a temporal resource.


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