RE: Asking Elaborate work for clause 4.1.1 in ontology doc

Hi. Veronique.

I am editing the ontology doc and I guess my work will be finished until Friday.

Is it ok to you ?

If you have any preference about editing schedule, Please let me know.  


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Dear Wonsuk,


As Monday is a national holiday in netherlands and as I will be travelling from tomorrow on, I will send you an update proposition for the whole document on Tuesday. Is there anyone else working on editing the Ontology document right now?



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On May 27, 2009, at 9:16 AM, 이원석 wrote:

Dear Veronique.

Thank you for volunteering this work.


As you know, the purpose of clause 4.1.1 in ontology doc is vague.

So, we need to make clear the goal of this in terms of harmonization with other parts of ontology doc.


In yesterday’s call, I proposed to replace this with the description about columns of the core property table like name, type, description, etc.

But WG members didn’t like that. J Actually I was not sure it’s appropriate L


After finished this work, please email me until the end of this week.

Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



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