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Regrets for Monday Cody Burleson (Friday, 28 February)

LDP agenda for 3 March 2014 Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 28 February)

Re: LDP with JSON-LD ... and it looks good ! Pierre-Antoine Champin (Friday, 28 February)

LDP with JSON-LD … and it looks good ! Roger Menday (Friday, 28 February)

future work item: real solution to issue-15 (metadata on non-RDF resources) Sandro Hawke (Tuesday, 25 February)

Re: volunteering for the army (Tuesday, 25 February)

LDP Minutes for 24 February Arnaud Le Hors (Tuesday, 25 February)

class hierarchy of containers (Monday, 24 February)

Fixing (removing) clause 6.3.1 on LDPC GET needs Steve Speicher (Monday, 24 February)

TWO PROPOSALs involving Prefer Sandro Hawke (Sunday, 23 February)

proposal for refactoring Containers Sandro Hawke (Sunday, 23 February)

draft of 209 RFC Eric Prud'hommeaux (Saturday, 22 February)

LDP agenda for 24 February Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 21 February)

Re: lossless paging & volunteering for the army (Friday, 21 February)

LDPR vs LDPC interaction models Sergio Fernández (Friday, 21 February)

Changed rule for LDPC PUT to be about containment triples Steve Speicher (Thursday, 20 February)

Removed should not use patch to create rule Steve Speicher (Thursday, 20 February)

clarifying containment vs membership Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 19 February)

lossless paging using HATEOAS Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 19 February)

Completed split of paging from LDP spec Steve Speicher (Tuesday, 18 February)

LDP Minutes for 17 February Arnaud Le Hors (Monday, 17 February)

Changes for latest names/terms accepted from today's meetings are live Steve Speicher (Monday, 17 February)

some thoughts on ordering Sandro Hawke (Monday, 17 February)

stable paging Sandro Hawke (Sunday, 16 February)

who wants lossy paging? Sandro Hawke (Sunday, 16 February)

LDP agenda for 17 February Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 14 February)

Editors' proposal for types of containers Steve Speicher (Friday, 14 February)

Editors' proposal for types of resources Steve Speicher (Friday, 14 February)

overwhelmed by the Terminology section ? Roger Menday (Friday, 14 February)

Editors' proposal for membership predicate names Steve Speicher (Friday, 14 February)

Question regarding involving another member on my team Cody Burleson (Thursday, 13 February)

Re: LDP feedback ( LC-2812) John Arwe (Wednesday, 12 February)

Clarifying POST behavior for LDPCs. Andrei Sambra (Wednesday, 12 February)

"document" Ashok Malhotra (Wednesday, 12 February)

normative change pushed John Arwe (Tuesday, 11 February)

Creating members Ashok Malhotra (Tuesday, 11 February)

To spec editors - regarding possibly redundant rdf:type definition of containers in examples Cody Burleson (Monday, 10 February)

LDP Minutes for 10 February Arnaud Le Hors (Monday, 10 February)

Re: A new HTTP response code say 209 Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 10 February)

[23]xx status codes, prefer, and create John Arwe (Monday, 10 February)

LDP agenda for 10 February Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 7 February)

CFP: Second International Workshop on Linked Media Erik Mannens (Wednesday, 5 February)

LDP minutes for February 3 Arnaud Le Hors (Monday, 3 February)

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