who wants lossy paging?

I'm finding LDP's lossy paging to be a showstopper for my app.

Does someone have a system, in use or planned, which uses paging and 
doesn't care that it's lossy as per the spec?

Are you following RFC-5005 and putting up a big warning that everything 
the user sees might be wrong?    If they perform any actions which 
result in PUT or PATCH, do you know that wont corrupt the database?   As 
far I can tell, you can't PUT or PATCH a paged resource without 
potentially corrupting it.

I think I see a pretty simple fix.   I'm happy to propose text if people 
are interested.    We could make it "at risk" if people are worried 
about it actually being too hard to implement.

        -- Sandro

Received on Sunday, 16 February 2014 17:33:07 UTC