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<nav> "for" attribute Eric Devine (Thursday, 30 January)

XML:ID extension spec proposal to HTML5 documents Leif Halvard Silli (Friday, 31 January)

revisiting advice in HTML on tables used for layout Steve Faulkner (Thursday, 30 January)

API to get locale date format Behrang Saeedzadeh (Tuesday, 28 January)

WHATWG cherry-pick Silvia Pfeiffer (Monday, 27 January)

bug: Alt text should identify image class when relevant Steve Faulkner (Monday, 27 January)

HTML Landscape of differences Robin Berjon (Friday, 24 January)

HTML email client support Andrew Herrington (Thursday, 23 January)

Edito: CSS will have to fork HTML to prevent HTML from forking himself François REMY (Wednesday, 22 January)

Optional tags Mathias Nater (Tuesday, 21 January)

Protected media element sources Hans Schmucker (Saturday, 18 January)

Any plans to support custom representation formats for date inputs in HTML 5? Behrang Saeedzadeh (Friday, 17 January)

WHATWG patches applied to HTML5.1 Nightly Erika Doyle Navara (Friday, 17 January)

drawSystemFocusRing renamed to drawFocusIfNeeded Jay Munro (Thursday, 16 January)

TextTrack questions Aaron Colwell (Wednesday, 15 January)

Removal of at risk features from Canvas 2D context CR spec Jay Munro (Tuesday, 14 January)

<input type=datetime-local> HTML5 CR bugs Travis Leithead (Tuesday, 14 January)

proposed change: links inside label elements Steve Faulkner (Monday, 13 January)

Test runner now available in web-platform-tests James Graham (Monday, 13 January)

focus events for browsing context containers? Travis Leithead (Friday, 10 January)

Re: [css-ruby] Should CSS Ruby be consistent with HTML5 Ruby? Masataka Yakura (Thursday, 9 January)

TextTrackCue "until the next cue" endTime Brendan Long (Wednesday, 8 January)

RE: New ruby model is now in the spec Paul Cotton (Wednesday, 8 January)

Commits cherry-picked to master Travis Leithead (Monday, 6 January)

[editorial] HTML spec style switcher Steve Faulkner (Monday, 6 January)

revisiting heading advice Steve Faulkner (Sunday, 5 January)

Re: advice on alt text for image maps Steve Faulkner (Saturday, 4 January)

editorial work on HTML spec Steve Faulkner (Wednesday, 1 January)

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