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TELECON AGENDA - 01 AUG 2007 John Boyer (Tuesday, 31 July)

Need action item list update; action items done John Boyer (Tuesday, 31 July)

Re: XForms 1.1 spec editor's drafts now available on public page (PR#91) John Boyer (Thursday, 26 July)

Schema issue: Order dependence of submission child elements John Boyer (Thursday, 26 July)

Further updates to submission John Boyer (Thursday, 26 July)

serialization="" Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 25 July)

Draft minutes 2007 July 25 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 25 July)

Updates to submission John Boyer (Wednesday, 25 July)

Regrets Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 25 July)

Regrets for telecon today and Aug 1 Keith Wells (Wednesday, 25 July)

TELECON AGENDA: 25 JULY 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 25 July)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-18 (Tuesday, 24 July)

Regrets for tomorrow´s telecon Rogelio Pérez Cano (Tuesday, 24 July)

Action item list update John Boyer (Tuesday, 24 July)

Proposal for the XForms special session at XML 2007 Doug Tidwell (Friday, 20 July)

Submission with instance replacement and deferred updates Erik Bruchez (Monday, 23 July)

IBM Lotus Forms submission for XForms evening event at XML 2007 John Boyer (Friday, 20 July)

formsPlayer Submission for XForms Evening Event Mark Birbeck (Friday, 20 July)

Please publish these errata docs John Boyer (Thursday, 19 July)

test John Boyer (Thursday, 19 July)

Forms WG Status John Boyer (Wednesday, 18 July)

Draft minutes for 2007 Jul 18 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 18 July)

[Fwd: Remarks questions about xf:insert in XForms 1.1] Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 18 July)

Belated regrets Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 18 July)

regrets Joern Turner (Wednesday, 18 July)

choose() function return type Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 18 July)

Regrets for today Keith Wells (Wednesday, 18 July)

Regrets for today's call Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 18 July)

Answer to Group 2 LC issues Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 18 July)

TELECON AGENDA - 18 JUL 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 18 July)

ACTION ITEM: Version attribute in test suite John Boyer (Tuesday, 17 July)

Re: XForms 1.1 Last Call: comment about 4.4.5 The xforms-insert Event (PR#108) Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 17 July)

Updates to section "9.3.5 The insert Action" Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 17 July)

15 Actions done John Boyer (Tuesday, 17 July)

Fw: PicoForms submission for XForms evening session at XML 2007 John Boyer (Tuesday, 17 July)

Completed action items Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 17 July)

Response to action item about xsi:type processing in the absence of a schema Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 17 July)

Fwd: Draft schedule for the TPAC meeting, 5-10 November 2007 -- please send corrections/questions by 13 August Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 17 July)

XML events: One event handler, multiple events Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 17 July)

XForms 1.0 Third Ed. is ready to send to PER status, please review John Boyer (Tuesday, 17 July)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-11 (Friday, 13 July)

Need to continue search for keynote speaker for XForms evening John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Schema question needing response from www-forms-editor John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Need response to request for 1.0 erratum John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Action for all: Review proposed resolution notes on these LC issues John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Review Notes on a last call comment John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Review Notes on Certain Last Call Comments John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Action items from today's telecon John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Discussion needed on submission verb (method) John Boyer (Wednesday, 11 July)

Non-equivalence of ref and bind Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 July)

Fwd: migrating our wiki platform to mediawiki Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 11 July)

TELECON AGENDA - 11 JULY 2007 John Boyer (Tuesday, 10 July)

Proposed Changes to Issue Tracking System John Boyer (Tuesday, 10 July)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-09 (with 20 items of John closed) (Now including the attachment) (Monday, 9 July)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-09 (with 20 items of John closed) (Monday, 9 July)

Requirement for Dynamic dependencies in UI bindings John Boyer (Saturday, 7 July)

Issue tracking problem John Boyer (Friday, 6 July)

Re: id function and xsi:type (PR#152) John Boyer (Friday, 6 July)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-04 (Friday, 6 July)

Call for Interest Statements: XForms Evening Event at XML 2007 John Boyer (Thursday, 5 July)

Public page updates and Editor(s) for XForms Transitional/1.2 John Boyer (Thursday, 5 July)

sortable grid repeats Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Wednesday, 4 July)

Action items John Boyer (Wednesday, 4 July)

Orbeon Forms and XForms on the iPhone Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 4 July)

Regrets for today's teleconference Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 4 July)

Next fact-to-face in Madrid, Spain: please fill in questionnaire Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 4 July)

Coming phone calls: please fill in questionnaire Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 4 July)

Regrets Rafael Benito (Wednesday, 4 July)

TELECON AGENDA - 04 JUL 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 4 July)

Re: A number of issues from Aaron are missing (action for Steven) John Boyer (Wednesday, 4 July)

Regrets for July 4th Teleconference Keith Wells (Tuesday, 3 July)

Re: charter all set now? Chris Lilley (Monday, 2 July)

Re: XForms 1.1 schema change for value of case element Mark Birbeck (Monday, 2 July)

Re: XForms 1.1 schema disarray Mark Birbeck (Monday, 2 July)

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