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[admin] 29 May Teleconference (tomorrow) cancelled

[admin] Agenda - Distributed Meeting 15 May 2014

[admin] Draft teleconference minutes 15 May 2014

[admin] Today's DAP call canceled

[admin] Welcome to the DAP WG!

[admin] Welcome to the DAP WG! (resend)

[battery] CfC agreed to update Battery with async/promises proposal

[battery] CfC to update Battery with async/promises proposal (implies LC return); deadline 22 May 2014.

[battery] minor edit to mark security/privacy considerations section non-normative

[discovery] Named WebSockets

[html media capture] CfC agreed to make HTML Media Capture Security/Privacy section non-normative

[html media capture] CfC to adopt HTML Media Capture Security/Privacy section non-normative proposal; deadline 22 May 2014.

[html media capture] Proposal to revise test and make Security/Privacy Section non-normative

[ignore] test message, pls ignore

[light] CfC to remove LightLevelEvent from Ambient Light API (implies LC return); deadline 30 May 2014.

[light] Clarifying Ambient Light proposal for CfC

[privacy] Request for comment from Tracking Protection WG

[proximity] Meaning of negative values

[standby api, charter] Proposed approach to progressing Standby API with respect to DAP Charter

[testing] volunteers needed to be spec test facilitators

[vibration] Mozilla Vibration API status

Battery Status API asynchronous amendment


DAP-ISSUE-160: Make query types specific to domain (e.g. discover printers rather than services in general) [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-161: Enable progress discovery instead of returning fixed array of services [Network Service Discovery]

DAP-ISSUE-162: Compatibility with existing libraries may not offer suitable control [Network Service Discovery]

Fwd: LIaison from W3C Web&TV to STA about the Network Service Discovery spec

Network Service Discovery Issues & Next Steps

NSD spec implementation feedback

Standby API Specification Proposal

W3C DAP implementations & IE

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