Re: Standby API Specification Proposal

On 19 May 2014, at 15:56, Mats Wichmann <> wrote:

> On 05/19/14 03:29, Kostiainen, Anssi wrote:
>> Dom - I think there’s now sufficient interest for this feature to justify moving this into a W3C working group soon. This is a small addition considering the overhead of rechartering a group, but OTOH it would be pity to leave this feature stranded due to that.
> Is rechartering even strictly required here?  We already have:
> The working group will deliver the following specifications:
> ...
>    An API to react to a device power status

To provide some historical background:

This particular deliverable mentioned in the current Charter is one of the spin-offs from the previous Charter, "System Information and Events API - an API to access various system services e.g. battery level, network status, etc.”:

If we drill down into the now shelved System Information API, it has a setter to modify "the current value of a system property”:

And one of the system properties is brightness:

There is also a bit to figure out if the "display is currently blanked”:

By looking at the current and previous Charter, and the shelved System Information API (that was published as a FPWD ~4 years before being shelving, passing CfE), it seems we’re not too far off.

But would be great to get an official blessing.



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