Re: [light] Clarifying Ambient Light proposal for CfC

On 15 May 2014, at 22:27, Frederick Hirsch <> wrote:

> Thus I would like to clarify which proposal we should consider at this time, and confirm that we have implementer support for it:
> 1) Move state into DeviceLightEvent, remove LightLevelEvent, as documented in
> 2) Remove LightLevelEvent entirely, no change to DeviceLightEvent

The option 2 aligns the spec with the known implementations:

This will allow us to pass the interop phase.

Later, we can extend the DeviceLightEvent as per 1 if we get support from implementers. If we'd choose the option 1 now, wed block on the interop.

> I think we discussed #2 on the call today, but I would like to confirm in case #1 is the actual proposal.
> Once this is clear I can send a CfC.

My recommendation would be to send the CfC for the option 2 and see if there are concerns from implementers and others.



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