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300x150 px defaults too aggressive

@role in SVG

@role in SVG (was: SVGT1.2: The <style> element)

[Bug 4919] Clarification about color-interpolation in feDisplacementMap

[Bug 4933] SVGFESpecularLighting missing kernelUnitLength?

[Bug 4934] feDiffuseLighting calculation does not define I(x,y)

[Bug 4935] feSpotLight's limitingConeAngle not mentioned in lighting equations

[Bug 4936] FillPaint and StrokePaint inputs for filters poorly defined for container elements

[Bug 5182] Allow Null-Namespace 'href' Attribute

[Bug 5190] Add Details for Describing Files and Elements

[Bug 5191] Does SVGViewSpec track changes to the original SVGSVGElement?

[Bug 5209] Find Better Way to Deal with Whitespace

[Bug 5228] paint-stroke-07-t has incorrect reference image

[Fwd: SVG extensions to <canvas>]

[mmi][Reminder] Position Papers Due 5 October for Workshop on W3C's Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces

a couple of issues with SVG 1.1 Mobile DTD

animateTransform type="matrix"

ARIA and the user's rôle

ARIA States and Properties Meeting

ARIA support in HTML & XML-based MLs: a call for consensus

Broken SVG Tiny 1.1 conformance test: styling-pres-01-t

Call for Contributions for Mobile We Test Suite Effort

Conditional IDness considered unnecessarily complex

cursor, title and desc for animation

cursor="help" Help is available for the object under the cursor

direct link to latest version of S. Pieters' ARIA Proposal

Dojinshi & Accessibility was: A new Semantic Web logo?

Downloadable version of SVGT 1.2 spec

Fwd: aria vs html5 (was: ARIA States and Properties Meeting)

Google searching for SVGs now on?

Labelling SVG files: publishing updated Accessibility Guidelines

Meeting minutes Joint meeting on ARIA between HTML, SVG, XHTML 2, and WAI PF working groups

Meeting with SVG, XHTML, WAI people to move forward on ARIA as a cross cutting technology

MouseClick: Limiting polyline area to line only

Namespaces and the Web (was: ARIA States and Properties Meeting)

no-namespace href in SVG

no-namespace href in SVG (was Re: @role in SVG)

oops was: SVG embedded in email

Paint server IRI in uDOM setTrait method of paint attribute

Pointer Events in SVG

Public identifiers for SVG 1.1 Tiny and Mobile

SVG Accessibility Note: Game Accessibility...

SVG embedded in email

SVG embedded in Thunderbird

SVG in text/html

SVG in text/html (was: @role in SVG)

SVGT1.2: The <style> element

Undefined behavior of missing feFunc[RGBA] in feComponentTransfer

Updated SVG 1.1 Errata Published

What does the line in feDisplacementMap about color-interpolation filters not applying to in mean?

xlink:title, title and desc

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