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clip property

Comments for CSS1 Test Suite

Computing easily the weight/origin of a declaration

CSS Property Set

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Functional notations (was: How to tell the browser that <A> is a link.)

hey ppl!

hi to all...

How to tell the browser that <A> is a link

How to tell the browser that <A> is a link.

How to tell the browser that <A> is a link. (nested was: Functional notations)

i have little problem...

IE4's handling of escape characters in CSS class names

Maybe I'm wrong about the Cascading order

MSIE4-Mac and Core Styles (was Re: Some Views on CSS)

new link (color) problem... for me..

play-during property

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Section 8.2 - Example of margins, padding, and borders

Some Views on CSS

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Web site out of date

Why XML can't be displayed directly

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