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CSS1 Test Suite: 5.4.4 vertical-align
Eric to check vertical alignment I think you have to add a class to your
redtall.gif, at present you have

<IMG SRC="redtall.gif">

I think you need
<IMG CLASS="one"SRC="redtall.gif">etc. etc

When I modified your code, some of the texts aligned correctly with the


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>>Itmay be worth while to test the vertical align propert with images as
>>as text, because if I remember rightly IE4 works well with images, ie it
>>will align in the correct position with images in the linebox, and not
>   I thought I was using images on that page.  The idea is to see if the
>text will align itself with the highest/lowest element in a line, and the
>images provide that test.  Mac IE doesn't do anything but superscripting
>and subscripting, so far as I can see.  Or did I miss your point entirely?
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