Re: Preview: CSS1 Test Suite

A great job!!

Itmay be worth while to test the vertical align propert with images as weel
as text, because if I remember rightly IE4 works well with images, ie it
will align in the correct position with images in the linebox, and not with

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From: Eric A. Meyer <>
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Date: Monday, April 06, 1998 8:21 AM
Subject: Preview: CSS1 Test Suite

>Greetings all!
>   Over the past couple of months, Hakon Lie (W3C), Tim Boland (NIST), and
>I have been working to develop a rigorous test suite for CSS1
>implementations.  This suite is intended as a way of enabling page authors
>to test their browsers, and of assisting vendors in strengthening the CSS
>implementations their own products.
>   Well, we wanted the members of this list to get a preview of what we've
>come up with.  Please note that, as a preview, there are a few things to
>   * There is no CSS2 testing in this suite.  We felt that CSS2 tests were
>premature, especially since the specification hasn't yet been finalized.
>Besides, we're going to need some time to figure out how to tackle some of
>those tests properly.
>   * On the explanation pages, there are comments in brackets.  These are
>editorial notes to me, and will be removed or replaced by the time the
>suite is made fully public.
>   * This is NOT the final location of the suite.  Once we've finished up
>this phase of the project, the test suite will be moved to the W3C server
>and announced to the world.  We plan to have this done by the time CSS2
>becomes a full Recommendation.
>   * This site should not be publicized in detail.  In particular, please
>refrain from distributing the URL, either in print or electronically,
>outside of this list.  We don't mind if people spread the word that a test
>suite is on the way, but please don't send people to the current URL.
>Why this last?  First of all, as I said, the suite will be moving to the
>W3C server, so we don't want the current URL publicized-- it will just lead
>to unnecessary user confusion.
>   More importantly, however, we want to use the next month or so as a
>shake-down period.  All of you are invited to go through the test suite,
>identifying any weaknesses and looking for cases where we don't test for
>your favorite browser bug, not to mention places where we've made incorrect
>assertions.  Where you find such cases, PLEASE let us know!  You can send
>mail to this list, or directly to me, if you like (although I'd prefer open
>discussion on the list).  Similarly, more general discussion about the
>organization, interface, and design philosophy of the suite are welcomed.
>We're quite open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement... so let us
>have them!
>   With all that said, here's the temporary URL of the test suite:
>   Please make sure you read the "How the Suite Works" page before you dive
>in, as it describes the layout of the test pages and how a browser should
>be configured in order to use the suite most effectively.
>   Thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to be seeing a lot of
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