Preview: CSS1 Test Suite

Greetings all!

   Over the past couple of months, Hakon Lie (W3C), Tim Boland (NIST), and
I have been working to develop a rigorous test suite for CSS1
implementations.  This suite is intended as a way of enabling page authors
to test their browsers, and of assisting vendors in strengthening the CSS
implementations their own products.
   Well, we wanted the members of this list to get a preview of what we've
come up with.  Please note that, as a preview, there are a few things to

   * There is no CSS2 testing in this suite.  We felt that CSS2 tests were
premature, especially since the specification hasn't yet been finalized.
Besides, we're going to need some time to figure out how to tackle some of
those tests properly.
   * On the explanation pages, there are comments in brackets.  These are
editorial notes to me, and will be removed or replaced by the time the
suite is made fully public.
   * This is NOT the final location of the suite.  Once we've finished up
this phase of the project, the test suite will be moved to the W3C server
and announced to the world.  We plan to have this done by the time CSS2
becomes a full Recommendation.
   * This site should not be publicized in detail.  In particular, please
refrain from distributing the URL, either in print or electronically,
outside of this list.  We don't mind if people spread the word that a test
suite is on the way, but please don't send people to the current URL.

Why this last?  First of all, as I said, the suite will be moving to the
W3C server, so we don't want the current URL publicized-- it will just lead
to unnecessary user confusion.
   More importantly, however, we want to use the next month or so as a
shake-down period.  All of you are invited to go through the test suite,
identifying any weaknesses and looking for cases where we don't test for
your favorite browser bug, not to mention places where we've made incorrect
assertions.  Where you find such cases, PLEASE let us know!  You can send
mail to this list, or directly to me, if you like (although I'd prefer open
discussion on the list).  Similarly, more general discussion about the
organization, interface, and design philosophy of the suite are welcomed.
We're quite open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement... so let us
have them!
   With all that said, here's the temporary URL of the test suite:

   Please make sure you read the "How the Suite Works" page before you dive
in, as it describes the layout of the test pages and how a browser should
be configured in order to use the suite most effectively.
   Thank you for your time and attention, and I hope to be seeing a lot of

Eric A. Meyer  -  -
 Hypermedia Systems Manager
 Digital Media Services      
 Case Western Reserve University

Received on Monday, 6 April 1998 11:19:08 UTC