Re: Preview: CSS1 Test Suite

>Is inclusion of screen shots of *correct* rendering possible? When an
>inexperienced viewer sees the tests with a buggy browser, the results
>might prove more confusing than helpful. I'd really rather see screen
>shots than the tabular replication.

   The tabular replication made it in because it's a no-cost addition, just
like making interface changes.  We discussed creating screenshots, but the
danger here is that my particular browser/font setting/window width/screen
resolution might yield screenshots which are, in some way, misleading.
Plus, generating about a hundred screenshots, many of which would have to
be faked in Photoshop because of current rendering limitations, was judged
to be way too resource-intensive at this point.
   We will be considering this issue carefully, though, because some of
CSS2 will require reference images (as Tim called them), especially the
positioning section.

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Received on Monday, 6 April 1998 14:37:02 UTC