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[ANN] Public presentation on PRISM metadata spec

[ANN] RDF Graph Modeling Language

[ANN] Topologi Schematron Validator does RDF (well, almost)

[sem-dev] Use of 'that' to express reification in N3 type languages.

A story about XML and RDF

ANN: Another RDF Parser

ANN: Jena R-1-1-0 released

ANN: RDF Gateway Demo Site

Announcement: DAML Annotation Tool available for Download

Attention Users! (2 in a series)

Attention Users! (RDF Core WG Decisions)

BSWL - Basic Semantic Web Language

Comments on Jena Paper

Container in RDF Schema

Expression of RDF is full First Order Logic ?

how to represent a self-described BNF in XML or RDF?


Matching RDF models + anon nodes

N3, N-triple and anonymity in test cases

new xml.com articles: RDF and Prolog; RDF-Calendar taskforce


Publication of the first W3C Working Drafts of SOAP Version 1.2 and of the XML Protocol Abstract Model (fwd)

Questions about RDF

Questions for Jena Users

Range of values

RDF Generation Query

rdf namespace reserved or not?

RDF problem

RDFCore news



Reification on propertyElt production

Represent a simple HTML file with RDF

RETRACT: Reification on propertyElt production

Second Call for Papers: KCAP 01 Markup and Annotation Workshop

semantic web applications

Start of a "Thinking XML" series on RDF+XML

subject=predicate ?


Test cases for RDF/XML (first of five)

thinking about the formal model for RDF

Use of 'that' to express reification in N3 type languages.

xml:base in test cases

XSB 2.4 Released

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