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We just put together a web application that makes heavy use of RDF in a
portal like fashion. It's being used as a test bed for a RDF database
technology we developed.

We are looking for feedback about the application, technology,.... so we
welcome any comments.

The demo site is available from a link off our main site at

Derrish Repchick

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Subject: semantic web applications

> Hi,
> I am pretty new to thisrdf/semantic web, so I apologise if this is the
> mailing list ot be posting to, but I am hoping that someone will be able
> help me / point me in the right direction.
> I have been reading up on all the possiblities of the semantic web, and am
> in the following position. I have found many applications which help with
> defining ontologies, and anotating webpages etc, but very few (in fact
> applications which interpret rdf/ daml. I am not interested in actually
> writing the rdf, what I would like is an application which can understand
> it, and make inferences / perfom actions based on the content of an
> web page.
> I have so far come across WebScripter (
> which seems to help somewhat, but is not publicly availiable yet.
> Are there any other applications out there whcih help me to do this?
> Thanks,
> Deborah

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