Re: ANN: Jena R-1-1-0 released

Many thanks and great work!
Is there any http_proxy support planned?
For the moment we work like

C:\>java -classpath /jena/lib/sax2.jar;/jena/lib/xerces.jar;/jena/lib/rdffilter.
jar;/jena/lib/jena.jar jena.rdfcopy
_:a1 <> "1" .
_:a1 <> "2" .
_:a1 <> <
2/22-rdf-syntax-ns#Bag> .
where is a proxy

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Jeremy Carroll <> on 2001-07-06 03:16:42 PM

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Subject:  ANN: Jena R-1-1-0 released

A new version of the Jena Java API for RDF is available from:

New in this version:

   many I/O improvements:

      readers and writers plug-in interface giving
      support for multiple serialization languages

      a PrettyWriter for RDF/XML

      N-Triple reader and writer

      parseType="daml:collection" support

      tracks whether literals are well formed XML

      bug fixes in RDFFilter

   an efficient model compare which does intelligent matching of
   anonymous nodes

   jena.rdfcompare a new application for comparing RDF models

   jena.rdfcopy a new application for translating RDF from one language

   misc bug fixes

Jeremy Carroll
Brian McBride
HPLabs Bristol

Received on Friday, 6 July 2001 12:09:31 UTC