Questions for Jena Users

I've tried hard to ensure that Jena classes and interfaces have remained
backwardly compatible through its releases.  However, one of the complaints
I've been getting is the long baroque package names used.  We are planning
to put new stuff in a new package directory, probably:


To make things consistent, we could move the existing interfaces,
classes etc into this new namespace.  This would be an incompatible
change (though we might try to smooth the way by deprecating the old
names) and I wanted to know if this would cause serious problems
for folks using Jena.  If  you are a Jena user, please could you
let me know what you think.

If we do make this change, then this would be an opportunity to fix
other problems/gripes folks have that require an incompatible change.
So now would be a good time to let me know about those problems/gripes

I doubt the answers to these questions are of great interest to this
mailing list, so its best to reply directly to me and I'll post a
summary of the responses.  Which leads me to my last question.  Would
there be any value in setting up a separate Jena mailing list?


Received on Wednesday, 25 July 2001 10:02:59 UTC