ANN: Another RDF Parser

A new parser for RDF/XML is available from:

This will be the Jena RDF/XML parser in future releases.

ARP features include:

+ compliance with latest working group clarifications.
+ compliance with following standards and recommendations:
  - RDF model and syntax
  - rdf:parseType="daml:collection"
  - xml:lang, RFC1766, ISO639-1, ISO3166 both in the RDF 
    and its embedding document. Please e-mail me if you 
    need RFC3066, ISO639-2 support. 
  - xml:base, both in the RDF and its embedding document.
  - URI, RFC2396, all URI's are checked for syntactic conformance.
  - XML Names, rdf:ID and rdf:bagID's are checked for conformance.
  - W3C XML plenary decision on relative namespace URIs.
  - rdf:aboutEach for containers of user defined types.
+ command-line RDF/XML to N-triple functionality.
+ command-line RDF/XML error checking.
+ can be used with Jena 1.1.0.
+ can be used independently of Jena.
+ uses Xerces (SAX2 interface) for XML parsing.
+ streaming parser, suitable for large files.

ARP is based on a modular XML InfoSet design
+ Xerces parser for XML. 
+ SAX2 to XML InfoSet tokenization. 
+ JavaCC generated RDF co-parser with explicit RDF grammar over 
  XML InfoSet. 


Jeremy Carroll
HPLabs Bristol

Received on Friday, 27 July 2001 07:29:49 UTC